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Fresh Vs Frozen Embryo Transfer. Which option yields better results?

Every couple asked to undergo a frozen embryo transfer rather than a fresh embryo transfer has this question in mind: Is frozen embryo transfer better than fresh transfer? There are two important myths when it comes to Frozen Embryo Transfer.

Myth 1: There is myth related to Fresh Embryo Transfer that a frozen embryo has lesser chances to implant than a frozen embryo. That the chances of conception are better in fresh transfer than Frozen Embryo Transfer

Myth 2: There is another myth that the frozen embryos do not retain the vitality of fresh embryos and hence the quality is not good.

All these myths are exactly what they are myths.

The truth is FET has been proven to give better results than the same cycle transfer or what is called a fresh transfere is no difference in the quality of embryo whether it's a Fresh Embryo or frozen Embryo:

Embryos are frozen via a technique called Vitrification that preserves the embryos as it is in -196 degrees centigrade for years. There is no activity inside the embryo during the time they remain frozen no matter how long they are kept frozen. Since all the metabolic processes are at standstill there is no depletion of quality nor any chance of defect occurring in embryo due to or during cryopreservation. Once the embryos are thawed they need to be transferred without any delay. The quality and activity of embryos revive to its earlier stage. A frozen embryo once thawed is as good as a fresh embryo.

A Frozen embryo transfer is definitely better than a fresh embryo transfer:

If the quality of embryos remains same whether they are fresh are frozen then how does a frozen embryo transfer improves the chances of conception when compared to the fresh embryo transfer. The answer lies not in the quality of embryos but in the women’s body or rather how well it is conditioned or receptive to the transfer. In the fresh transfer cycle, the woman's body is exposed to stimulation hormones for ovulation induction as well as hormones for inducing the growth of Endometrium. This hormonal cocktail although necessary to get the desired result of Pick up and Endometrium Thickening can hamper the implantation chances of the embryo.

It has been seen by postponing the transfer to next cycle we are giving the women’s body a chance to normalize after stimulation. When she is prepared freshly for transfer, the body is free of any influence from the stimulation hormones and is more receptive to the next step that is frozen embryo transfer. It has been noticed that couples who undergo FET, their chances of conception increases by 20% compared to those who undergo that of Fresh transfer.

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