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How to calculate the best days for trying to conceive?

Motherhood brings immense joy to any woman. However, the road to motherhood is not easy always. Apart from being healthy, there are a lot of factors upon which a healthy pregnancy depends.

Women have a fertile period in their menstrual cycle. And if you are trying to conceive, that is the best time to try. But, fertile period differs from woman to woman. So if you are wondering how you are going to go ahead with that, we have some secrets to share with you.

Trying to Conceive Tips

Determining the Cycle Length

Once you have determined your fertile period, it’s easy for you to figure out when your best days are for trying to conceive. Most women have an average menstrual cycle of 28 days. But the cycle duration may vary from 21 - 35 days. It’s ok if you have a 30 day cycle instead of 28 day cycle as it is regular. That is you menstruate every 30 days if your cycle duration is 30 days.

Your cycle begins on the first day of your menstrual period to the first day of your next menstrual period. Track this for at least six months so that you may know the length of your average cycle.

Varying Cycles and Pregnancy

If you are worried that your cycle length is different for different months, don’t worry. It’s normal. Try these trying to conceive tips for finding out your fertility window, date of ovulation and what are the best days to try.

Pregnancy is usually possible if you try on alternate days starting from 3 days before the date of ovulation and ending with the three days after ovulation.

essentially you are making sure that sperms are available for fertilization during the fertility window period.

Example of a typical Fertility window in a 28 day cycle and what are the best days to try:


Now, how do you know when you are ovulating?

Tracking Ovulation Days

You ovulate about 14 days prior to your next period. To calculate your expected next ovulation date you need to have an idea of when you will be menstruating next and subtract 14 days from that date.

If your cycles duration is regular this is easy, if not track you cycle days over 3-4 months and calculate an average cycle duration.

So for example if your last cycle started on 1 st of this month and you have a 28 day cycle, then your next cycle would be starting on 28 th of this month. So you would be most like ovulating on 14 of this month (28th-14 days)

Trying to Conceive can be a bit difficult for women with irregular menstrual cycles or with inherent problems like PCOS, Endometriosis. In that case, you cannot rely on online calculators but may take the help of LH surge kits to pinpoint the exact ovulation date. LH surge kits work by predicting the surge in Luteinising hormones 48 hours before ovulation. I you have to try this kit every day from day 12 of menstrual cycle. On the day you detect a spike (appears as a double band in the kit), ovulation would occur 48 hours after.

In that case you should try on the day you detect surge, on the day of ovulation, and 48 hours after ovulation again. Example: When to try using LH surge kit in a typical 28 day cycle.

LH surge

But the best option would be to go for a Pre-conception counselling take the help of fertility doctor. If you are seeking help, get in touch with us for expert guidance at

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