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HPV vaccination in Kolkata for adolescent girls and women

Protect your daughter or wife from Cervical Cancer through HPV Vaccination

HPV Vaccination offers the best possible protection against cervical cancer.

  • One out of 4 women who die of cervical cancer is from India.
  • Every Seven minutes one woman dies of cervical cancer in India.
  • Cervical cancer kills roughly 67,477 Indian women annually
  • HPV has been detected in 99.7% of all cases of Cervical Cancer worldwide. This is the highest level of associated pathogen known to be a major cause for a human form of Cancer
  • HPV types 16 and 18 are responsible for 82%of cervical cancers in India.
HPV vaccination in Kolkata for adolescent girls and women

What are HPV virus strains against which Cervical Cancer vaccine offers protection?

There are two FDA approved HPV vaccines currently available in India: the bivalent vaccine priced protects against two strain of HPV and the quadrivalent vaccine that targets four strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) -- HPV-6, 11, 16, and 18. Both have 70% efficacy against Cervical cancer. [HPV-16 and HPV-18 account for about 70% of all cervical cancers. HPV-6 and -11 cause about 90% of genital warts.]

The more effective nonavalent vaccine, which offers protection up to 90% protection against of Cervical cancer causing strains, is extremely expensive. It is currently not available in India as it is still not approved by Drug Controller General of India (DCGI).

Is there an Age limit to HPV vaccination in India?

Although there is no cervical cancer vaccine age limit per se (HPV vaccination is recommended to all sexually active adults), the effectiveness of vaccine would depend on whether or not you are already exposed to the cervical cancer causing HPV virus strains.

Ideally it should be taken before a women becomes sexually active, since her chances of being exposed to HPV is much less.

Once a woman become sexually active she may be exposed to one or more strains of HPV and although Vaccination can be taken still be taken (there are no side effects of HPV vaccine), it may not guaranty protection if she is already infected with HPV 16 or HPV 18. But since there are other strains of HPV, The vaccine will offer her protection against the other strains.

According to various studies, women in the 55-65 age group are at the highest risk of cervical cancer. However, many women have been known to have fallen prey to it in their 30s and even in late 60s.
In most counties, Governments offer Universal vaccination of adolescents aged 9-19, first line preventive action in the fight against Cervical Cancer.

Post-Partum – a best opportunity for Catch up HPV vaccination in India!

In India due to the absence of universal vaccination system (unaffordability of the costs), the next option is Catch up vaccination by gynecologists and doctors where they screen their individual patients and recommend vaccination to them.  And to this affect, Post-Partum offers the best opportunity to doctors for Catch Up vaccination for women. Results indicate that acceptance and compliance to vaccination is best during this phase.


Where to get HPV vaccine in Kolkata?

You can visit your gynecologist for information on HPV vaccination and where to obtain the vaccine. HPV vaccination is also available in Kolkata at Care IVF. All you need to do is call Mrs. Gouri Tiwari at 9674301333 for vaccine details. Vaccine can be purchased directly from us and administered by one of our trained nurses.

Vaccination of adolescents and unmarried women:  A Prescription from you gynecologist will be necessary and if you don’t have one, you can see one of our in-house gynecologists available at the center.

Vaccination of Married women: Married women need to be definitely be screened for HPV first to check if you are infected or not and if yes then to which strain of HPV. This is done via a Pap-Smear test which is done at the clinic itself. Once the results of Pap smear is obtained, our doctor will advise you on whether or not to take vaccine.

What is cervical cancer vaccine costs in Kolkata?

Of the two types of FDA approved HPV vaccines currently available in India; the bivalent vaccine is priced at Rs 2190 per dose and the quadrivalent HPV vaccine is priced at Rs 3000 per dose.

The Quadrivalent HPV vaccine is easily available in kolkata At Care IVF.  The HPV vaccine costs approximately Rs 2975 /- at Care IVF. It needs to be taken in three doses (1 month- 3 months - 6 months). So the entire Cervical cancer Vaccination costs would be approximately 8925/-.

Here are some Interesting Facts about HPV vaccine that you should know:

  1. Of more than 100 HPV types, about 15 are found to be high risk.
  2. Screening and vaccination is the only effective way of controlling Cervical cancer
  3. The efficacy of the vaccine is proven by the fact that more than 65 countries have adopted it as part of their health programmes.
  4. Only two doses of the vaccine administered at a 6 to 12 month interval are enough to protect girls under 15 years of age.
  5. Cervical Cancer vaccine will not immunize you all the strains of Virus or to other factors that may cause cervical cancer.
  6. Visiting a private gynecologist is the best way to get HPV vaccination.
  7. Most government hospitals don't currently stock the HPV vaccine.
  8. The HPV Vaccine is safe and does not cause side effects.
  9. HPV vaccination has no affect what so ever on the fertility of the woman.
  10. There is no link between poor hygiene and HPV or cervical cancer.
  11. Women upto the age of 45 can take the vaccine. Although it is most effective if taken between 9-16 years of age before they become sexually active and can still cause sufficient immunization in women till 26 years of age.
  12. If you are a sexually active woman, who has already been exposed to the streaks of virus that the vaccine targets, then it won't help you even if you are under 26 years of age


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