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Things You Can Do to Increase IVF Success

Things You Can Do to Increase IVF Success

Are you planning to get pregnant through IVF (in vitro fertilization)? If yes, then there
are several options you can explore to increase IVF success rate.
Over here, we take a look at some of them:
1) A good overall health
A good overall health is essential for a successful embryo transfer and a healthy
pregnancy. Leading a healthy lifestyle increases the success rate of IVF. Make sure that
you exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and well-nourished.
These are just the changes you need to make to start a new family.
2) Maintain a healthy diet
A balanced diet is the key to increase IVF success. A healthy diet is rich in protein and
contains less carbs and fats. This is beneficial for the healthy growth of eggs. Junk foods
that are high on cholesterol and trans fat are red flag for IVF success. Avoid any food
that are packaged and have been preserved such as ready-to- eat meat and snacks.
Foods and drinks that have high sugar content should be strictly avoided as they can
spike up blood sugar levels which might increase the risk of infertility. You can even add
fertility superfoods such as maca, royal jelly, and bee propolis.
3) Stay stress-free
Stressing out can deteriorate reproductive health and lower the chances of a positive
outcome. Although going through IVF can stress you out, you can practice relaxation,
yoga, or meditation to stay stress-free and boost your reproductive health. Listening to
relaxation music helps as well. Acupuncture therapy is another good way to relieve
4) Fertility cleansing
One of the best ways to increase IVF success and prepare for pregnancy is fertility
cleansing as it aids proper hormone balance by supporting liver health. With fertility
cleansing, you can benefit from good uterine health with increased blood circulation.
5) Fertility massage
Fertility massage is beneficial for increasing blood circulation in the reproductive
system (in the ovary and the uterus). Fertility massage increases IVF success as it
promotes egg health, supports hormone balance, and reduces stress.
6) Supplements

Supplements such as multivitamins contain all the nutrients that are necessary for early
pregnancy. Antioxidant is another supplement that protects the sperm and egg from the
damage caused by free radicals.
Get help from infertility specialists
If you are trying to conceive and want to opt for IVF or increase the success rate, you
can consult with fertility experts at Care IVF.

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