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Tips to Increase the Chance of Your IVF Success Rate

Simple Tips To Increase IVF Success Rates


Are you preparing for your first cycle of IVF treatment? Want to increase the success rate of your IVF treatment? If yes, then we know a few secrets. Want to know? Read on:

What is IVF?

IVF stands for in-vitro fertilisation. In this technique, an egg is retrieved from the ovaries of a woman and then it is fertilised with a sperm in a laboratory. The embryo is then placed back into the uterus of the woman where it further develops. Women having a problem in getting pregnant or  due to any health complications often opt for IVF.

How to increase IVF success rate?

Here are a few steps that you may follow to improve your chances of having a successful IVF treatment cycle:

  1. Ensure that you are healthy
    Your overall state of health greatly improves your chances of having a successful IVF treatment. A good physical health is essential for a successful transfer of embryo and a successful pregnancy. Lead a healthy lifestyle for ensuring that. Eat healthy food, stop smoking, exercise regularly, and stop drinking alcohol. This might sound a bit dull but in case you are planning to have a healthy pregnancy through IVF, embracing healthy habits is a must.
  2. Age is a factor
    When it comes to IVF, age is certainly not just a number. The success rate of IVF starts declining once you are 35 years and declines steeply in your 40s. However, a few women still may have healthy pregnancies through IVF after 35 years but most of them struggle to conceive during this age. If you are over 40, then you may need to rely on a donor’s egg to increase your chances of having a healthy baby (in case reports suggest your egg reserve is low).
  3. Detoxify your system
    Every day we come in touch with a lot of chemicals. Preservatives contained in food, pesticides, paraben in cosmetics, chemicals from alcohol and cigarette, and synthetic hormones contained in hormonal birth control pills can affect your fertility. Get rid of all these chemicals at least 90 days before you are scheduled to undergo IVF treatment. Detoxifying your system will increase the circulation in your uterus, helping in shedding the uterus lining that are still there from the previous cycle.
  4. Relieve Stress
    Your mind and body are inseparable. Unless your mind is calm, healthy, and stress-free, your body cannot be fully healthy. And that is why relieving stress is so important before you start your IVF treatment. Try meditation. Practice deep breathing techniques for stress relief. This also awakens your circulatory system. Regular meditation will eventually make you IVF journey a bit peaceful.
  5. Energise your body
    About six months prior to your treatment, start preparing your body by maximising your intake of nutrients, folic acid and minerals. This helps in reducing inflammation, boosts the flow of hormone, and energises your eggs, ensuring a successful TVF treatment.

IVF Success Rate in Kolkata

So far, IVF has high success rates. Want to know more about IVF? If yes then visit for further details.


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