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What to consider before you decide to opt for IVF treatment

Getting an IVF done is not the first or natural choice for any couple desiring to have a baby.

It is a decision or a choice that is taken when all other modes of attaining pregnancy have been ruled out by your doctor, after detailed history taking and investigations. It is a conclusion that is arrived at, after taking into consideration, various parameters such as:

  • Your age
  • Past and present medical condition
  • Duration of infertility
  • Social and economic factor etc.


IVF should be an informed and joint decision after considering all the options.

An IVF treatment should not be considered as a poor alternative. Sometimes it is not even a choice but is the only option and it may be the best option for you. Your doctor will discuss with you, your reports and explain to you why any other form of treatment is unlikely to get you pregnant and why the other modes of fertility treatment are not suitable for you.

Proper discussions and detailed counselling by the entire IVF team involving you and your partner in joint decision making is a very crucial step in helping you.


Prepare yourself for IVF TREATMENT by gathering as much information as you can get from reliable sources.

Also, arrange all your treatment history and reports in the latest first order. Make a flow chart to help you track your history and write down any questions that you may come across. If you have undergone any tests to assess fertility treatment, write them down date wise and check if you understand the results and what they may indicate. You will also have to repeat some of the tests again. It's important to know which need repeating and why and which don't.

Similarly, if you have already undergone some form of treatment in the form of oral medications or IUI, include them chronologically in your flow chart and make sure to document the outcome. This will help clear your mind of what way you treatment so far and what you need to ask the doctor next.


It is also important to get maximum information regarding the IVF process, read blogs, connect with patients who have undergone similar treatment, internalise and process all the wealth of information provided and address any deep-rooted beliefs, myths and misconceptions related to the procedure with the help of dedicated fertility counsellors.


Look for a clinic that is open to providing information and has a support infrastructure for you.

The vital questions of why, why not, when, how etc. etc., can be satisfactorily answered when the choice of the IVF centre is optimum. This too has to be done with careful consideration, other patient reviews of good IVF clinics, Google reviews, etc. to help reassure you that you have made a correct choice.

Choosing the right Fertility clinic is essential for a smooth IVF treatment. You will be spending a lot of time at the clinic during your treatment. Select a clinic that has counsellors and compassionate support staff to patiently address all your queries and concerns during the treatment. This is very important as you will need a patient ear to handle all the queries that you may have during the treatment.

IVF process is lengthy and stressful. Clinic visits may extend for hours while you wait for tests, scans, injections and consults. Stress due to and during IVF treatment can affect the IVF outcome. The quality of fertility counselling should be an important fact to consider before deciding a clinic.

Whether the clinic provides free fertility counselling be it One to One or Group sessions; during the treatment and how effective it is an important factor to consider while choosing a clinic. Meeting a fertility counsellor can help you and your partner to release any stressful concerns that may be troubling your mind and adopt a more receptive and positive attitude during treatment.

To Conclude:

A faith and trust-based relationship with your fertility doctor and the IVF team are essential for you to maximise the benefit from this hugely accepted yet, insecurity ridden mode of treatment. Assess the quality of your consult. Did you get the answers to your queries? Do you feel confident and clear about what should be done next after meeting your doctor? If Not, go back for another consult and ask more queries. Check if the Clinic staff and Doctor are patiently listening to and providing the feedback to your queries. If the clinic freely provides online as well as offline information in the form of blogs articles, brochures and videos on fertility queries it is a big Plus.

Once the facts and supportive statistics are in place, hopefully, your questions will have been addressed and resolved fruitfully.

All the best in your quest and onward journey!! Care IVF actively supports transparency and provided accurate information regarding fertility treatment. For more information bourse our videos in Infertility here.

About the author

The author, Dr. Madanki Srinivasan is a Fertility Consultant at Care IVF Kolkata. For an appointment with the doctor, call +91-33-66-398-600. You can also book a Skype Consultation here.


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